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Shawkan ‘sad and hopeless’ as trial further delayed until April

An Egyptian court yesterday pushed back the trial of a man arrested for taking photographs, extending his pre-trial detention to nearly 1,000 days. Mahmoud Abu Zeid – better known as Shawkan – is a photojournalist being held in Cairo’s Tora Prison, … Continue reading

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‘Dear Brussels, my parents died in a bomb. Stay strong.’ A message from a Syrian orphan

In the aftermath of the heinous attacks on Brussels, claimed by Daesh, there has been a regrettable outpouring of hate and blame towards refugees from the Middle East. People such as Katie Hopkins (whose heinous “commentary” I won’t repeat or link … Continue reading

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Syria’s five year anniversary: voices from the displaced

Five years of war in Syria and what do we have now ? A broken country, a broken population, resentment towards people who deserve only compassion, a slipslide between dictators and extremists in what was one of the most beautiful … Continue reading

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