‘Dear Brussels, my parents died in a bomb. Stay strong.’ A message from a Syrian orphan

In the aftermath of the heinous attacks on Brussels, claimed by Daesh, there has been a regrettable outpouring of hate and blame towards refugees from the Middle East.

People such as Katie Hopkins (whose heinous “commentary” I won’t repeat or link to – but let’s just say it wasn’t pro-safe passage for refugees) seem not to understand one rather large element in the mix. Hundreds of thousands of people who are risking their lives fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere are escaping the very same sorts of attacks that Isis is carrying out in Europe. You only need to Google the latest headlines from Iraq to see that.

So any message that fights back against that rhetoric is a voice that needs hearing. I wonder how Katie Hopkins would react to Osama, a refugee,  and his message to Brussels. The people she is blaming such Isis attacks on.


“Dear Brussels,

My parents died in a bomb in Syria also. I feel in you. Stay strong.”

Syrian refugee in Lebanon. 

Osama is 15. Both his parents were killed in a bomb attack on his village near Damascus two years ago. Shortly afterwards he fled to Lebanon, where he now lives with his uncle, two brothers and sister. Osama also lost his leg to the bomb, and he now has an amputated limb.

Osama’s words ring stronger than anything Hopkins and co have to say. Syrians and Bruxellois have both lost a lot. This boy knows that all too painfully.

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