This is a selection of my news reports and features work.


Attacks on schools aim to ‘destroy Syria’s identity’ – Al Jazeera

How I’m still alive: surviving Assad’s prison cells – Al Jazeera

My Al Jazeera archive here

Syria from Space: three cities in darkness and light – BBC

Exclusive: Four babies die in attack on Aleppo’s ‘last children’s hospital’ – Middle East Eye

Rocket attacks on Turkish town from IS-held Syria provoke riots – Middle East Eye

My Middle East Eye reports archive here

Inside Islamic State’s lairs on the Syria-Lebanon border – MailOnline

Iran opens first marathon to tourists – but women can’t compete – Telegraph.co.uk

Syrian Unesco World Heritage site used as battlefield – Telegraph.co.uk

Drone footage shows destruction of Aleppo’s heritage sites – Telegraph.co.uk


They are trying to silence us – the long fight to identify Bosnia’s war dead – NewStatesman.co.uk

NewStatesman.co.uk archive here

Shamed & Abandoned: the fate of Syria’s female ex-inmates – News Deeply

Destruction of Middle East’s heritage is ‘cultural genocide’ – Telegraph.co.uk

 I’m over anorexia, but it’s not finished with me (£)  –The Times (£)


The Olympic stadium turned Afghan refugee village in Athens – BBC From Our Own Correspondent


Syrian safety is an unlikely priority in Trump’s plan for safe zones – Syria Deeply

Egypt’s ‘gold standard’ security has a long way to go – Telegraph.co.uk


The ancient path through Palestine – BBC Travel

Petra – the secret way into Jordan’s lost city – The Telegraph


“There have been so many ugly scenes”: a woman’s voice from Aleppo’s frontlines – News Deeply Women & Girls’ Hub

Egypt promises £26 million for tourist safety at resorts, says minister – Telegraph.co.uk


2 Responses to Portfolio

  1. Hashim Oomerjee says:

    Hi Lizzie.

    I was touched by your article on Hala, a young Syrian refugee girl who is losing her vision.

    I would like to sponsor this child so that she can get the treatment she requires. What is the best course of action for this?

    Please get in touch with me.

    I am based in London UK.

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